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A Useless Object?

Why do so many people own bathroom scales? What is the point of them?

I mean, I know they tell you how much you weigh, but why do you need to know to the nearest kilogram?

Competitive fighters need to know, and jockeys. They have to weigh in before they can do their thing. But the rest of us surely don’t.

Your clothes either fit you or they don’t. And the best way to find that out is to put them on.

You either like the way you look, or you don’t. And you determine that by looking in the mirror.

Knowing how much more or less you weigh than you would like is surely just another stick to beat yourself with. And why would you want to do that? It’s not as if you’re going to be laying on your death bed thinking, ‘oh, I only wish I’d weighted myself more often’.

It can’t really be for dieting motivation, because if your diet’s really working your clothes, your mirror and your friends will tell you anyway. Besides which it can’t possibly be the case that nearly everybody is on a diet, all of the time.

So why not spend the time and the money on something you’d really regret not doing instead?




3 thoughts on “A Useless Object?”

  1. i used to go to a gym a while back – i used to weigh myself every week and never gained or lost an ounce. i did get fitter, trimmer and looked better for it (which was good) but how much i weighed was irrelevant to how i looked or felt


  2. I expect this post is more for women, but i have no idea how much i weigh and don’t care.
    I know what size clothes to buy and i know if i don’t ride my bike enough then they get a bit tighter. I know if i ate less crisps i would be thinner but i love crisps and i’m not going to give them up.
    like everyone i have parts of my body i like and parts i don’t and in an ideal world i would be thinner. but i’m not going to starve myself or spend hours at the gym to achieve it.


    1. That’s pretty much how I feel about it. I used to know how much I weighed when I entered martial arts competitions, but since I stopped doing that I’ve dropped the scales and broken them and don’t feel the need to replace them.


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