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51 Things to Do If You’re Bored

“I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

I once shared a house with a very peculiar young man named Andy. He was peculiar in lots of ways, but one of the most annoying was the fact that he was always banging on about how Britain was a terrible country because there was nothing to do here but go out and get drunk.

Andy didn’t like drinking, much less getting drunk, so he never went out. He spent all his free time outside of work in his room, apart from Monday evenings, when he went to an Urdu class at the local community centre. He was learning Urdu because he wanted to move to India, he figured there’d be more things to do over there.

Andy had a particular issue with women drinking, he felt that it was indecent and inappropriate. He also thought that I had a drinking problem because I was seldom in the house. And in his mind the only reason I could be leaving the house, particularly if I stayed out over night, was to go out drinking. He refused to acknowledge that most of the time I was just away on business trips.

As you might imagine, Andy and I didn’t get along all that well, at one point we had a fight so bad that we both ended up smashing plates on the kitchen floor.

But I did once write him a list of fifty-one ways that he could better be spending his time, with no alcohol involved. It’s also quite a useful list for anyone who is bored.

  1. Join a book club
  2. Learn to play the guitar
  3. Organise an event to raise money for a charity
  4. Write a book
  5. Teach yourself about quantum physics
  6. Go out running
  7. Volunteer to sit with, or read to, old people in hospital or at a care home
  8. Visit an art gallery or museum
  9. Watch a football match
  10. Go out for a meal with some friends
  11. Take a ballroom dancing class
  12. Learn sign language, or any other language you fancy
  13. Take up painting
  14. Become a part-time cake decorator
  15. Offer to coach a kids sports team
  16. Go to the zoo
  17. Get a dog and take it for long walks in the park
  18. Don’t bother with the dog and just go to the park anyway, take a picnic or something
  19. Go paint-balling
  20. Join a martial arts club
  21. Train for a marathon
  22. Train for a triathlon
  23. Join a local, Sunday league football or rugby team
  24. Visit the Lake District
  25. Visit the Peak District
  26. Learn to ride a motorbike
  27. Join a choir or an orchestra
  28. Start a band
  29. Join an amateur theatre group
  30. Become a Samaritan
  31. Do some carpentry
  32. Or furniture restoration
  33. Go shopping
  34. Throw a dinner party
  35. Go to the cinema
  36. Go to the theatre
  37. Go to a festival, gig, or other music performance
  38. Go to a poetry reading
  39. Go to a comedy night
  40. Take part in an open mic night and perform your own music, poetry, or comedy
  41. Read a book
  42. Go to one of those farms that lets you look around and pet the animals
  43. Take up horse riding
  44. Become a train spotter
  45. Fix up an old car or motor bike
  46. Volunteer as an appropriate adult or independent visitor
  47. Join a political party or a campaigning group and try to drum up support for your cause
  48. Find some flash mobs to take part in
  49. Go to an amusement park
  50. Take a cooking class
  51. Take up photography

I know there are plenty of others, but I felt I’d made my point sufficiently with fifty-one.

What kind of things you like to do when you’re not pubbing or clubbing?


7 thoughts on “51 Things to Do If You’re Bored

  1. Hi

    Its a good article, but did it help Andy in any way ? just on a lighter side. By the way the points are really good and I would like to arrange a fine dining at home for a friend if i wont go out pubbing


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  3. I needed this! My mom and I have been lamenting to each other over the phone about how bored we are and have no motivation to do anything. We need to get off our butts!


  4. Maybe i’m just becoming a grumpy old git prematurely, but working on my allotment always clears my head and keeps me busy for hours. Sometimes it is a struggle to fight the laziness and get my arse up there, but when i do i always feel better afterwards. And if it would stop bloody raining for five minutes i might be able to grow some veg.


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