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You Are Not Alone

“We read to know that we are not alone.” – Shadowlands

I watched Shadowlands again yesterday, to see if it was as good as I remembered it. And it was. Definitely.If you haven’t seen it before you really should watch it now. It’s about C.S. Lewis as a middle-aged bachelor, a writer, and a professor at Oxford, when he meets and falls in love with Joy Gresham. It’s a movie full of great lines. One of my favourites is when Gresham asks Christopher Riley whether he’s trying to be offensive, or merely stupid, after he introduces himself by telling her that men have intellect and women have emotion.

But there’s another plot line about one of Lewis’ students, who’s father had told him that – ‘we read to know that we are not alone.’

I thought that was a pretty good explanation. Then, as the film left me a philosophical mood, I started thing thinking about why we write.

I haven’t told many of the people I know that I write here. And I didn’t start off with much of an expectation that anybody else in particular would read it, although there were some ideas that I hoped I could pass on to anyone who happened to find themselves in the same predicament as I’ve been lately.

I haven’t been doing this long but I’ve been touched when people have left comments saying that they identified with something that I’d written, or that they feel the same way about something as I do. And it seems as though it’s the same for other bloggers.

I’m also really enjoying getting involved in the community around blogging and finding people who seem to be somehow like me, who have similar interests or have had similar experiences.

And so I think you could say that I’m carrying on writing to find out whether I’m alone.  So; am I alone on this one, or does anyone else feel the same way? Why is it that you write?

12 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone

  1. Hi Sarah, After reading “You Are Not Alone,” I’m looking forward to seeing Shadowlands…I found a C.S. Lewis novel years ago, possibly written in the 1960’s. It may have been entitled, “The White Planet,” but the creative skills of Lewis stuck with me through my youth and I’ve never learned any of his interesting background until now, thanks to you! Yes, I agree, we do read to know we are not alone.


  2. Thanks for the movie recommendation! It looks interesting!

    No one I know in real life knows about my blog. I blog because it gives me one place where I feel I can say what’s truly on my mind and have others understand what I mean, have them not scoff at me. At least not where I can see it. 😉

    I also enjoy interacting with other bloggers.


  3. I write because i have to. I have written since i could read, not through any decision to give it a try or because i think i could do better, but because it’s what i do. i have always been an insular person so i guess the cliche of writing to express myself is true. do i earn from it? no. would i like to? of course but it’s not my primary goal. i write because i have no choice.
    Similarly i started blogging to relieve the pressure valve in my head, and like you have met some interesting and talented people. i also post fiction which wasnt my original intention but all fiction is a projection of the self right?
    Are we alone? writing is a solitary process but we are all doing the same thing and we can offer support, encouragement and praise, and in that way we may write alone but we dont have to be lonely


    • I’m a little of jealous of people who’ve always felt that they had to write. Or to paint, or to do anything creative really.
      It sounds nice, like feeling that you have purpose.
      I enjoy writing, but it’s not felt like something I needed to do until very recently.


  4. I started writing to find a way to release some or all of the pent up anger inside of me, then it became over the last several days a sort of release for me, and to know that there are people out their who share the same opinons as i do and they have some of the same issues that i do, we write so we are not alone, it is the same as the line you quote, even if we were in the first part of this millieum, oh wait we are, duh ok so the last one then, would we still right even if to ourselves. i once saw a western around the 80;s or early 90;s that had Sam Elliot in it where as he was riding across the plains he kept finding little scraps of papers tied in ribbon with messages on them, the more he rode the more he found, and it was from a woman who had been widowed on her ranch and was by herself and wrote on the little slips of paper just so she wouldnt feel alone, I think it was one of the Sackett movies form the novels by Louis Lamour, i wish that i could remember the movie and what it was that she wrote on the papers but eventually the two of them meet and i wont tell you more incase you come across the movie, or if you even dont like westerns this is a pretty good movie. cant think of the name right now but i am sure i will remember it soon.


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