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In Praise of Primark Ho’s

I bought some Primark hosiery a few weeks ago. Mainly because they were only about fifty pence each. I also bought three pairs of shoes for, like, five quid.

But anyway, I was surprisingly impressed with my purchases.

I bought some cute, white tights with little black hearts on. They still fit perfectly, even though I’ve worn them loads. There’s been none of that ‘Nora Batty‘, loose and wrinkled round the ankles effect that you seem to get with most pairs after about half a dozen wears.

They’ve also, miraculously, not snagged once. Even when they went through the washing machine.

I also bought some sheer hold ups, with black soles and a black seam up the back of each leg.

I’ve worn these less often but they’re also great. They hold up. Perfectly. Haven’t budged once. I don’t usually buy hold ups because I only end up needing to wear a suspenders belt to keep them up anyway, so figure I might as well buy actual stockings instead. But the Primark version are well made. I will be buying from them again.


2 thoughts on “In Praise of Primark Ho’s”

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