Symptoms of Complex PTSD


The major difference between Complex PTSD and the regular variety, is that PTSD is usually developed as the result of one specific event or situation, whereas those who develop Complex PTSD have usually been exposed to trauma over a prolonged period, so that no one specific event can be pinpointed as the cause.

Complex PTSD tends to be suffered by people who have suffered from childhood abuse or domestic violence.

I personally view it more as a personality disorder than an illness, as the main problems it causes me are in my interactions with other people. I find it nearly impossible to open up and trust people. People with Complex PTSD are prone to insecure attachment disorders.

People with Complex PTSD have many of the same symptoms as people with PTSD, but also experience severe feelings of shame and guilt. They may also experience strong suicidal feelings.

Complex PTSD requires longer term and more intensive therapy than PTSD.


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5 thoughts on “Symptoms of Complex PTSD

  1. I was given a diagnosis of PTSD but am convinced that i actually have c-PTSD. What you said about not having a norm to return to really resonates (and terrifies!) x


  2. According to a pilot study published in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed International Journal of Healing and Caring, veterans with high levels of PTSD saw their PTSD levels drop to within normal limits after treatment. They reported that combat memories that had previously haunted them, including graphic details of deaths, mutilations, and firefights, dropped in intensity to the point where they no longer resulted in flashbacks, nightmares, and other symptoms of PTSD. The study involved veterans from Vietnam, as well as more recent conflicts. `

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    • The treatment for Complex PTSD is different to the treatment for combat PTSD. Complex PTSD is common in people who’ve suffered abuse as children, so the PTSD becomes part of their character, they don’t have a ‘normal’ to go back to in the same way as adults who have been to war might do.


  3. I didn’t hear about complex PTSD before, but I also view it as personality disorder. I really like that you publish informative posts about neglected topics. even I have learned something new about myself. 🙂


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