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Yes, Thank You, I Am Still Alive

"Everything changes, everything stays the same." Hi. I'm still alive. For those of you who were wondering. Thank you for wondering. Particularly for those of you sent very sweet wondering messages. They meant a lot to me. So where have I been? That's a very long and complicated story that I will endeavour to share… Continue reading Yes, Thank You, I Am Still Alive


2012: A Pro/Con List

PRO: My mental health. 2012 was the year that I finally sought proper, professional help for the mental health problems that I have suffered for most of my life. I received a diagnosis, so now I know for sure that there is something wrong, it's not just that I'm wrong as I'd always feared. And I started therapy and… Continue reading 2012: A Pro/Con List



(Image Credit: Rebeca Saray) So, I've had some stuff going on lately that's been distracting me from writing. I've started a bunch of posts but not been able to finish them because I've been too busy worrying about other things. I was refraining from writing about the other things because I was worried that wouldn't… Continue reading Impasse



I've been AWOL again. This time I blame it entirely on Natalie Portman. Natalie Portman is the kitten I adopted ten days ago after she was abandoned where I work. It's been a bit more of an adjustment than I was expecting. I had a cat when I was growing up, and I mostly seem to… Continue reading Cat-AWOL