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Yes, Thank You, I Am Still Alive

"Everything changes, everything stays the same." Hi. I'm still alive. For those of you who were wondering. Thank you for wondering. Particularly for those of you sent very sweet wondering messages. They meant a lot to me. So where have I been? That's a very long and complicated story that I will endeavour to share… Continue reading Yes, Thank You, I Am Still Alive


Instead of Going to China

"Everyone has a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth." ~ Mike Tyson As I'm no longer going to China I have had to swiftly move on to Plan C. Which is to frantically apply for all the jobs on the internet while trying to get back into writing freelance and working on setting up… Continue reading Instead of Going to China

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Weekend Review – The London Edition

So sometime in the middle of last week my friend was looking for someone to go for Sunday lunch in Barnes as she knows a place that does a fantastic roast. As that's only a hundred and odd miles from where I live, naturally I said that I would love to come along and check… Continue reading Weekend Review – The London Edition

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An Update

It has been pointed out to me that I have told you about a number of things that I've started lately, and not updated you on those things ended or continued. So here's a summary: Job Application I told you that applied for a vacancy that had come up at work, that would be my… Continue reading An Update

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What-a To Do?

Today was the first day of my phased return to work that I had to work full time hours. Not that any more work got done than when I was on part time hours, what with a fire drill that was swiftly followed by seven of us being stuck in the half metre square lift… Continue reading What-a To Do?