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Yes, Thank You, I Am Still Alive

“Everything changes, everything stays the same.”


I’m still alive.

For those of you who were wondering.

Thank you for wondering. Particularly for those of you sent very sweet wondering messages. They meant a lot to me.

So where have I been? That’s a very long and complicated story that I will endeavour to share with you once I’ve worked out to condense it into something shorter than a novella.

I’m sorry I’ve been away so long; I’ve been very, very busy – I’ve barely touched the internet at all since 21st June.

It seems like everything has changed since the last time I wrote anything here, but at the same time most things are pretty much the same.

I’ve moved house. Three or four weeks ago. But not to London. Things didn’t exactly go according to plan with the moving to London thing. So I’ve only actually moved about a mile and half away from where I was living originally – via a ten-day sleep over with a friend who lives forty miles away – to a place that’s a lot bigger but to which I only brought about half of my stuff. The rest of my stuff is in storage; because my staying here is only temporary. I’m supposed to be moving again by the end of November.

Oh, and Natalie Portman isn’t with me. She’s staying somewhere else. I miss her terribly.

For the time being I’m still doing pretty much the same temping job as I was before; although they’ve moved me into a more technical role and I have minions now. But my job is also meant to be changing by the end of November.

In terms of my mental health I got loads better. Too much better. And then I came crashing back down again – partly because of things that were happening, partly because I’d got so, well, ‘high’, for want of a better word, so quickly that it was probably inevitable.

But I’m over the worst of it, at least for the time being, and while I’m not feeling constantly over the moon any more I think the way I’m feeling is more akin to what’s ‘normal’ and healthy for the situation that I’m in.

I turned thirty. Which was only marginally less anti climactic than turning twenty-one.

Oh, and seemingly half the people I know are no longer speaking to me. Which is quite nice. I mean, actually, unironically nice. I told you it was complicated.

Anyway, that’s the potted version of what’s been happening with me. How are you?

4 thoughts on “Yes, Thank You, I Am Still Alive”

  1. I’m happy to see you around again, too 🙂 I was hoping you were okay and I’m glad to hear that (for the most part) it sounds like it will all be okay.


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