Simple Pleasures

“If nothing worse than Ale happens to us, we are well off.” ~ Charles Dickens

Simple pleasures…

>…freshly clean sheets

>…a tasty home cooked meal

>…when a baby smiles back at you

>…the perfect cup of tea

>…a cool, refreshing drink on a hot, sunny day

>…the smell of freshly cut grass

>…bread just out of the oven when butter melts as you spread it on

>…your happiness reflected back at you in the face of your friend after you tell them your good news

>…when your pet comes to you for snuggles

>…a message from the person you were just thinking about

>…the first blank page in a new notebook

>…having the house to yourself for the first time in ages

>…your favourite book on a rainy day

>…your favourite pyjamas

>…finding £5 in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn since last year

>…getting your smoky eye perfect first time

>…snuggling under a blanket with some you love – romantically or platonically


>…making out your favourite constellation in the night’s sky

>…when they give you ten chicken nuggets instead of nine


What would you add to this list?



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