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Why I Still Love Social Media

I've not had anything to say here for a long time. Or, that's not true. I've had about as much to say as usual, but often I've barely had the executive function to write it down. Too many health issues. And when I have I've kinda been writing a book. So, I've been hanging out on… Continue reading Why I Still Love Social Media

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I’ve Joined Snapchat!

I am now ladymirtazapine on Snapchat - the same as my Twitter and Instagram handles.

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Social Media And Mirtazapine

"Loneliness is proof that your innate search for connection is intact." ~ Martha Beck I've been away for the past few days cat-sitting Natalie Portman for the person who's looking after her me. Which is fine, and it was lovely to spend some time with her; I do really miss her. The only thing was… Continue reading Social Media And Mirtazapine

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Mind the Gap

For any of you who are sick of hearing about it, I promise this will be my last Olympics related post for the time being, but I thought the idea raised in the Weekly Writing Challenge of London being called the social Olympics was quite interesting. I think the description of 2012 as having been… Continue reading Mind the Gap