picture shows a white bowl containing a salad of lentils, millet, green leaves, and pomegranate seeds
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Lifestyle Changes

Very well, I will marry you if you promise not to make me eat eggplant.Gabriel Garcia Marquez Like, I guess, pretty much everybody I've gained a bit of weight during lockdown. Between joining in with the quarantine baking craze and working on the desserts/baked goods section of my cookbook - without being able to parm… Continue reading Lifestyle Changes


All The Reasons I’m Not Having Children

“I always say my biological clock must be digital, because I've never heard it ticking.” ~Lucy Dillon Having children is something I've been thinking about lately. Not a lot, but more so than usual. I turn 35 this year. Undeniably into my mid-30s. And I'm becoming very aware that while to date I've been choosing… Continue reading All The Reasons I’m Not Having Children


Forever 21

I'll be thirty next year. As will roughly fifty percent of the people I know. And I'm about the only one who isn't dreading it. Everyone else wants to be twenty-one again. I'm afraid I just don't get it. What did I miss? I don't remember there being anything so great about being twenty-one. Twenty… Continue reading Forever 21