Simple Pleasures 7

“Our pleasures were simple – they included survival.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

Simple pleasures…


>…children playing

>…watching the sun rise

>…when you finish unpacking

>…new underwear

>…looking through old photographs

>…realising someone really likes you

>…when a cat comes and sits on your knee

>…finding out the collective noun for hedgehogs is a prickle

>…and the one for flamingos is a flamboyance

>…a memory that makes you laugh every time you think about it

>…the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell

>…watching Sesame Street

>…coffee with a catch up with someone you don’t see often enough

>…a nice, ripe, juicy piece of fruit

>…having a nice time at the party you didn’t want to go to

>…getting to the next level and being ahead of your friendship group in whichever game you’re all playing

>…finding a really comfy pair of flip flops in the supermarket for a fiver

>…realising the task you’ve been putting off is neither as difficult nor time consuming as you expected

>…companionable silence

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