Simple Pleasures 2

“Simple pleasures were all the pleasures that I knew as a child.” ~ Willie Stargell

Simple pleasures…

>…stillness and birdsong

>…your favourite song on the radio

>…a long, leisurely bath or shower

>…the pop of a new mascara

>…hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows


>…getting home to your couch after a long day

>…fresh roast chicken

>…a smooth, shiny pebble


>…snuggling on the sofa

>…the feeling after a good work out

>…discovering a new favourite writer

>…realising you’ve been chatting for about five hours and you hadn’t even noticed the time go by


>…real mail – letters, cards, or parcels instead of the usual junk and bills

>…freshly baked chocolate chip cookies – here’s a simple recipe if you need one

>…sharing an in joke

>…crunching crispy autumn leaves

>…a big full moon in a clear summer sky



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