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Urban Decay Eye-Shadow Primer

If you’re wearing smoky eye makeup, a little beige or gold pencil on the inner eye corners will open up the area, but you only want to do it if the shadow is really dark. Otherwise, light pencil makes your eyes look too far apart, like a fish.” ~ Gisele Bundchen

So, the a little while back I went window shopping with a friend and acidentally ended up buying the Urban Decay Smoky palette (which I love) and some of their eye-shadow primer.

I ended up with the primer because I told the nice make-up lady that I’d be a lot more into smoky eyes if they didn’t fade so quickly. She said that the reason that was happening to me was because I wasn’t using a primer.

I was sceptical, but she tried some on me and it was really nice as an eye cream, and since I was also in the market for one of those I figured I may as well get as make an additional trip somewhere else and risk winding up buying even more things.

So, for I threw a Come As You Evil Twin party for Halloween. I went as Regina the Evil Queen from Once Upon A Time.

Needing my dramatic make-up look to stay on point all evening to make my costume work I broke out the Urban Decay eye-shadow primer.

And it did not let me down.

In fact it melded my make-up to my face so well that sleeping in it made almost no discernable difference and I had to put actual effort into removing it the next day. Yet at the same time because it’s such, a nice, silky consistency it hasn’t done anything to dry out or irritate my skin; which is impressive since I suffer with periods of major league eczema and have incredibly sensitive skin.

So I’d say this one is definitely a winner folks.

It’s very slightly shimmery aswell so if you want to go for a more pared down look during the day and just team it with mascara that works too.

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