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What I’ve Been Reading v.II

“We read to know that we are not alone.” ~ C.S. Lewis

It’s been a relatively busy week; I’ve been out and about a lot more than I’m currently used to and there’s been a local music festival type thing on this weekend. This has meant that haven’t had time to finish writing anything this week, and now that I do have time I just want to sit quietly by myself and recover because my brain and my senses are all feeling a little overwhelmed.

So I thought I’d tell you what I’ve been reading instead.

These links aren’t necessarily all the most recent, they’re the collection of posts that I bookmarked thinking I’d want to share them the next time I wrote another one of these posts.

On Blogging

Manda talks about how blogging is her hobby not her job and so she’s decided to cut back on the things that were making it feel like work.

On Mental Health

I identified a lot with Amanda Berthelot’s xojane post – I’m afraid my depression drives people away.

On Life

Erin talked about the way other people influence our personalities.

Risha wrote a sad but beautiful post in response to the things that have been happening in the world in the last couple of weeks – a luta continua.

Jess from the Middle Finger Project tells us that we’re  not haphazard has-beens simply because our lifestyles have changed.

JerseySjov talks honestly about feeling resentful of the significance placed on the life events of others that seem comparatively less significant against he heart transplant – forced perspective.

I liked this post on Elmbee about the value of making the time to take care of yourself – what mani/pedis taught me about my business.

On Feminism

I found this Vagenda article interesting – on arguing with men about rape.

I’m sure you’ve seen it already but the Bloggess’ post – women who are ambivalent about women against women against feminism – amused me whilst at the same time making some very valid points.

On Travel

Kez told us about her visit to the Hiroshima peace memorial park and museum. Not a place I’d ever thought to want to go to, or, well, even considered the existence of before, but it’s now been added to the list.

On Relationships

Shannon told us how to tell you really love someone.

On Slacktivism

I found this article interesting from The Big Think – three big problems with facebook activism.

On Priorities

And finally, I enjoyed Tim’s post – beneath the surface.




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