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Catching Up

“Instead of loving your enemies – treat your friends a little better.” ~ E. W. Howe

So I feel like we’re due a proper catch up. I’m not entirely sure where to start but in no particular order here’s what I’ve been up to.

~ Drinking lots of milky chai.

~ Eating lots of Vienetta. I didn’t even know they still made Vienetta. I hadn’t even seen a Vienetta since approximately 1988. But for the last few weeks it’s been on offer in my local supermarket. I’m not entirely sure how many Vienettas we got through but I do know that I felt vaguely embarrassed when I took the boxes outside to put them in the recycling bin.

~ Watching Made In Chelsea for the first time and despairing of humanity.

~ Rewatching the entire six series of Dawson’s Creek. Well, rewatching the first four series and then watching the final two for the first time to find out what happened in the end. It’s not quite the same TV show now I’m twice the age the characters started off at, and I spent quite a lot of time feeling creepy about the massive crush I had on Joey when I watched it the first time.

~ Wondering for the umpteenth time how cake ever got invented when cake mixture tastes so good.

~ Dating. Establishing I’m not ready for dating.

~ Watching Sin City. Being disappointed by its focus on style over substance; and characterisation, and dialogue, and acting, and pacing, and continuity, and plot.

~ Rewatching Casablanca because it’s simply perfection in terms of style, and substance, and characterisation, and dialogue, and acting, and pacing, and continuity, and plot.

~ Applying for all of the jobs.

~ Going for two interviews – missing out on the first to someone with more experience, being offered the second, where I will have managerial responsibilities and access to client funds, after a nine minute interview.

~ Walking 81 kilometres.

~ Drinking an inadvisable amount of wine.

~ Reading Jack Kerouac’s Lonesome Traveller.

~ Being sadden by Maya Angelou’s passing.

~ Thinking a lot about feminism. About how for a lot of my life I was very bad at feminism, and then I was very conflicted by feminism, but now I think I’ve found a way to live comfortably alongside my feminism. I’ll tell you more about this at a later date.

~ Looking for the end of the rainbow.

~ Watching so much Big Bang Theory that I actually started enjoying it.

~ Worrying constantly about being poor and unemployed and needing to find somewhere else to live.

~ Looking for somewhere else to live.

~ Learning that Google isn’t actually omniscient – it told me I was 31 minutes from home while I was lying on my bed.

~ Going to a local festival, mostly to watch my housemate’s comedy set.

~ Making lots of bolognese and listening to lots of Leonard Cohen – because there are no ills in life that cannot be improved by good bolognese and Leonard Cohen.

~ Finishing David Bellos’ Is That A Fish In Your Ear – The Amazing Adventure of Translation.

~ Successfully avoiding anything to do with the football World Cup.

~ Being scared by creepy crawlies – a massive spider ran across my pillow right in front of my face, then I couldn’t find it, very little sleep was had that night. And then a mouse got into the kitchen. I mistook it for a giant spider, screamed and ran away. Housemate devised a cunning if cumbersome trap for it, it hasn’t been seen since.

~ Being referred back to the psychiatrist.

~ Learning that eagles are surprisingly heavy.

~ Wondering why my local Coop Food sells puy lentils and quinoa but not cous cous.

~ Thinking that The Good Wife episode where Will gets shot is possibly the most perfectly constructed piece of television I’ve ever seen.

~ Needing hugs.

~ Going to the beautiful wedding of one of my oldest friends.

What’s been going on with you? I mean to catch up on reading all your blogs as soon as I can. I’m not actually very far behind, I’ve mostly kept up with reading but not commenting.

8 thoughts on “Catching Up”

    1. I like the IT Crowd as well, I’ve just never been sure of the Big Bang Theory, I worry that it perpetuates the idea that a person can’t be smart and socially adjusted.

      And thank you for the hugs.


  1. A lot of intersting catching up. Yeah The Good Wife épisode was perfect, left me well shocked for a day or two. And yest despite Will’s departure, the rest of the season is very/still good.
    As for MIC, yes I know how bad it is but it’s my guilty pleasure, lovely to be able to laugh at posh people without feeling unPC.
    The rest of your list is quite eventful, nice and forward. Except for the passing of Angelou and that bit : ~ Worrying constantly about being poor and unemployed and needing to find somewhere else to live.
    Don’t stress too much, I was the same and it did me no good at all. Good luck!


    1. I was exactly the same, I felt like someone real had really died. I enjoyed the rest of the season but I really thought that Will and Alicia were going to get their happy ending in the end.

      I have no words for MIC, I just, I can’t, I don’t understand.

      And thank you very much. I’m trying to not worry too much, it just gets away from me sometimes. x


  2. yikes you have been insanely busy, not really much to catch up on with me sadly, still out of work, still in recovery, have a new lady in my life, struggling to write….walking maybe 8.1 kms lol oh and still wanting lots of hugs


  3. It seems like you’ve been so busy, & I now want to eat Vienetta and cake mixture. Because yes.

    Being unemployed is a horrible place to reside, I remember being petrified that I’d never ever work again at one point, sadly it seems it’s a relatable theme across the whole country.


    1. I’m not sure how the vienetta and cake mixture would taste together. Individually they’re far too good though. And the vienettas are only £1 in Sainsburys.

      Yeah, I was worried that my having been out of work so much was going to be a really big issue but thankfully it never even came up in the interviews. Just desperately hoping I’m up to it this time.


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