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An Epidemic of PTSD

 “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” ~ Plato

When I was first sent a link to this infographic and asked if I would consider sharing it on my blog I wasn’t sure what I might have to say about it. While it’s about PTSD and I have PTSD the subject matter felt alien to me. Combat and the military are completely outside of my experience.

I went to an engagement party while I really not very well where some of the guests were ex army, they recognised the symptoms I was experiencing and took me outside for a cigarette and an understanding chat, but that’s as far as it goes.

The thought of having PTSD because of having been to war just seems somehow more serious to me.

I’ve also tried to date to keep this blog politically neutral and I’m aware that I’m probably completely unaware of a lot of the politics of this image, been as how I’m not American.

But I kept coming back to that first statistic – every 80 minutes a veteran dies by suicide. And in light of what happened at Fort Hood earlier this week it seems worth reiterating that people with post traumatic stress disorder, and other mental illnesses, are far more likely to harm themselves than they are other people.

I was opposed to the war but it seems to me that if you’re going to send people out to fight in one you should have a plan before they go of how you’re going to look after them if they need it when they come home. A much better plan than having one of them die every other hour at their own hands.

PTSD Epidemic

2 thoughts on “An Epidemic of PTSD

  1. I’ve seen documentaries and TV shows about PTSD in the military and it seems to me to be such a huge issue. I have no direct (or even really indirect) knowledge of this in anyone I know, but it does make me think that so much more needs to be done. These people literally sacrifice their sanity for our countries and I just can’t even fathom that.


    • Exactly. We have this charity here called Help for Heroes that’s mainly for helping soldiers who’ve been maimed by IEDs. It really annoys me that such a thing exists, and when I say that people think I’m being disparaging of the soldiers. I’m not it just makes me really angry that we send them to get their legs blown off and then when they get home they need help from a charity. Every single thing that they’re getting from that charity should have been factored into the cost of the war before they went and they should be getting it from the military not a charity.


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