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Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Flash

I treated myself to a new lip gloss from Dior last week. I’m a sucker for anything shiny that comes in pretty packaging.

It was £21.50 so I might not have bought it if I hadn’t had a £15 Boots voucher, but I love it. It works particularly well with my Pretty Pink Precision Lip Definer by Chanel. It’s a nice, bright, happy colour and gives a nice shimmer. I like it because it’s a bit different from the colours I normally wear.

The packaging somehow makes it look as though there’s more of it than there is, 6.3ml, but you don’t need to put a lot on to get a nice bright colour. It even stays on quite well over an evening of drinks. Although it doesn’t withstand food.

It’s also comfortable and not at all sticky, so there’s no bother about it attracting stray hairs like a magnet.

But like I said before, I really just like it because it’s shiny and comes in pretty packaging.


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