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An Update

It has been pointed out to me that I have told you about a number of things that I’ve started lately, and not updated you on those things ended or continued. So here’s a summary:

Job Application

I told you that applied for a vacancy that had come up at work, that would be my ideal next career step, and would mean that I got to move to London. Unfortunately, my supervisor took me aside last week and said that they didn’t think I was ready to take this step given how ill I’ve been, and that I’m still in my phased return to work period.

I’m now pretty sure that it would have been a help to my mental health rather than a hindrance, I definitely need something to change, but I understand their not wanting to take that risk. I’m now going to be the liaison with the department I wanted to move to, so I can keep a hand in for if another vacancy comes up in future.


I said that I’d started bidding for freelance work. I’ve had some small success with that, which is encouraging, although I’ve not had as much time as I’d have liked to devote to putting myself out there what with settling in the kitten. I’ve had enough work so far that I’m aiming to stop working outside of the weekday 9-5 from November so long as I seem to be getting even the same amount of stuff.

I’m spending this weekend on trying to work on my portfolio and marketing myself. I’m still feeling very positive about this, although it’s a work in progress, I was never going to become hugely successful at it over night.

You might have noticed that I’ve added a price list here in case any of you had ever considered employing me yourselves 😉

‘Train Guy’

I’ve had one date with the guy I met on the train. We had a few drinks in St Pancras Station, which seemed fitting, and there elsewhere. He’s a really great guy, but also really busy. He had to work last weekend, and we talked about meeting up tomorrow, but decided against it, as again he thinks he might have to work.

We’ll have to see how it goes, but I suspect we’ll just end up being friends. That’s possibly the best thing for my brain anyway, I’m not sure I’m ready to have all my good work at maintaining a semblance of rationality undermined by irrational feelings. I don’t think I’m quite there yet in terms of getting myself stable again.

It was great to be reminded that anything is possible again though.

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