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The Essentials

Hi All! My name’s Melanie and I blog over at Metropolitan Money Pit where I share tips on fun, inexpensive things to do in Southern California. But today I’m taking a break from the travel tips to tell you about some of my favorite makeup products. Now I have to be honest; I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup. But I do have some essentials that I can’t live without and I thought I’d share them with you today.

 I have to admit that I first was interested in Benefit because of their super cute packaging. One year on my birthday I decided to treat myself to one of their products and purchased the Erase Paste. I’m so glad I did because it has become one of my favorite items. Just take a little bit, dab it under your eyes and voila! No more circles. It also works great as a concealer for blemishes. It’s not cheap but one container lasts forever and it works wonders!

I have the annoying habit of rubbing my eyes a lot. I’d try to stop but I don’t even realize I’m doing it! As such, I have had an impossible time finding a mascara that will not give me the dreaded “racoon eyes.” After much trial and error I finally found the perfect mascara – Clinique High Impact. I like to use the black/brown color as it has a more natural look. It stays on long and does NOT rub off. Hooray!

I received a full size sample of this lip color and instantly fell in love. I’m not a huge lipstick fan because I don’t really like the way it feels on my lips. I feel like they’re too dry and all I want to do is smother them with lip balm. Milani HD Advance Lip Color is a great solution. It colors like a lipstick AND it provides moisture like a lip balm. No more dryness! My favorite color is the Classy Nude. It provides just a hint of color and is, well, classy!
So there you have it! Three of my musts when it comes to makeup. What are some things you can’t live without?
All prices are in US dollars

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