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Woohoo. After seventeen hours of tidying and cleaning my flat finally looks like a place that’s occupied by a grown woman again. For the last year it’s resembled the scene of a burglary. One that was abandoned because the home owner felt so violated they just couldn’t bear to go back and live there anymore.

I feel saner already. I hadn’t realised just how crazy the clutter was making me.

2 thoughts on “Tidy”

  1. I think I know the feeling. There was a time when I couldn’t wash the dishes for weeks. Or anything else that involved getting out of bed.
    (I can relate to just about everything you write. I was an anorexic / bulimic / depressive mess for years. I’m over the eating disorders, I hope, but I don’t know if I would still consider myself as having depression or not. I’ve been on meds for 5 years now, so I don’t really know. Wow, that’s a long time.)
    Same goes for your blog post ‘Stories’. I could have written that myself.
    Thinking about it, there are stories I haven’t told anyone ever, because they sound just so made up. How can all this shit have happened to one person?



    1. Thank you for reading. And for commenting. It’s good to hear that you’ve recovered.
      I’ve thought I was cured of depression before and I was wrong. I’m beginning to worry whether it works the same way as an addiction, you always have it so you’ll always have to keep and eye on it?

      Sarah x


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