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L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine Miss Candy in Pink Treat

I bought this on a whim in Boots. It was pretty, and shiny, so it appealed to my inner magpie.

It comes in a cute little bottle, the top and lettering are gold and set off the two-tone, gold-flecked gloss inside.

It’s £7.69 for 6ml, and L’Oreal claim that one application will last for six hours. Which it might, so long as you don’t eat, drink or kiss anyone within that six-hour period. Otherwise, I found that a pot of tea and a jubilee gingerbread man were enough to erase it all in about five minutes.

It’s pretty while it lasts though, and is both glam and shiny, as the name suggests. And admittedly I have never needed to touch it up so long as nothing’s passed my lips. The Pink Treat is a shimmery, baby pink which is great for a night out, though would probably be too much for a day in the office.

The gloss feels nice and soft, like a moisturiser, rather than tacky, as some glosses can be. And my hair doesn’t seem to be drawn to it like a magnet, which is always nice.

I also like the heart-shaped applicator which makes for easy even coverage.

All in all it was a pretty reasonable purchase.



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