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Did you ever see that episode of Buffy the Vampire SlayerAnne?

The one where she’d gone to Los Angeles to be ordinary, and not Buffy, because after she had to kill Angel she didn’t want to be the slayer anymore. Then she meets a demon called Ken who kidnaps runaways and takes them to a hell dimension, and she basically gets her mojo back and decides, ‘Fuck this, I’m going to be me again’. Then rescues the humans from the demon world and then goes home to Sunnydale.

I’ve been thinking about it this week because that’s kind of how I’m feeling right now about my illness. For the first time in eight months, I’m fed up of hiding away and I’m ready to take my life back. I want to me again. There are things I want to do. And I’m doing them. It isn’t all okay yet, but I think I’ve got my mojo back. And it feels GOOD.

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